Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Book Trailer for In the Circus of You

We're thrilled to release the book trailer for IN THE CIRCUS OF YOU: An Illustrated Novel-in-Poems by Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross. Cheryl Gross' motion graphic talents have won accolades around the world, and we are grateful for her amazing work on this trailer! 

More about IN THE CIRCUS OF YOU, which launches this March:

In the Circus of You is a deliciously distorted fun house of poetry and art by Nicelle Davis and Cheryl Gross.  Both private and epic, this novel-in-poems explores one woman’s struggle while interpreting our world as a sideshow, where not only are we the freaks, but also the on-lookers wondering just how “normal” we are—or ought to be. Davis’ poetry and Gross’ images collaborate over the themes of sanity, monogamy, motherhood, divorce, artistic expression, and self-creation to curate a menagerie of abnormalities that defines what it is to be human. The universe of this book is one in which dead pigeons talk, clowns hide in the chambers of the heart, and the human body turns itself inside out to be born again as a purely sensory creature.  This grotesquely gorgeous peep-show opens the velvet curtains on the beautiful complications of life. 

Preordering will begin in February!

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Monday, December 08, 2014

Introducing In the Circus of You

We're excited to give you a preview of the cover of our spring release, IN THE CIRCUS OF YOU: An Illustrated Novel-in-Poems by poet Nicelle Davis and artist Cheryl Gross. The cover features artwork by Cheryl Gross and was designed by Heather Butterfield. The book launches in March. Subscribe now to be among the first to receive a copy! Preordering will begin in February.

Evie Shockley says of In the Circus of You:
"Nicelle Davis' newest book mythologizes pain, makes grief, anger, disgust, and fear bearable by transforming them into finely wrought poems. These poems are filled with sharp edges, dissections, illusions, and images of flight, both in their language and in the ways they occupy the page. They are perfectly matched by the drawings of Cheryl Gross, who translates Davis' poetry into an equally grotesque, equally eloquent visual language. In the Circus of You is a visceral spectacle of controlled excess; it dismantles the three rings we use to contain our most domestic horrors and shows us the way through vulnerability to release."

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Very End of the Universe: Five Novellas-in-Flash and a Study of the Form... Chris Bower, Margaret Patton Chapman, Tiff Holland, Meg Pokrass, and Aaron Teel launched on November 6 and there are lots of ways to find out more about both the book and its authors.

You could give a read and a listen to their collaborative "Book Notes" playlist for Largehearted Boy here, or read Tina Boyer's interview with Chris Bower at Rather Be Reading here, or read this excellent review at Chamber Four here.

You could also hear Tiff Holland read from her novella-in-flash, Betty Superman, from the collection at the Next Best Book Club here, or hear Chris Bower read from The Family Dogs for TNBCC here, or hear Meg Pokrass read from Here, Where We Live here, or see Margaret Patton Chapman's work space in the "Where Writers Write" feature at TNBCC here.

You can also see this five-part interview where each of the authors interviews each of the others at Brevity magazine here, here, here, here, and here.

Most importantly, you can add the anthology to your cart here.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Cool New Resource for Reading Color Plates

We are excited to feature a new reader resource for Color Plates, the amazing museum-in-stories by Adam Golaski. Each story in Color Plates is titled after a famous painting, and Adam has indexed all of the titles of the paintings on his blog with links to images of the artwork. So now you can click on each painting and look at the artwork while you read the story of the same title and enhance your reading and art education. It's a win-win! Visit Adam's index of artwork.

If you missed Color Plates when launched in 2010, this is the perfect time to discover it!

Some details about the book:

Color Plates is a museum of stories, curated by a sort-of Mary Cassatt. Four rooms of Mary’s museum are open to the public, and they are named Éduoard Manet, Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Mary Cassatt. Color Plates contains sixty-three little stories—plates—spun from real paint­ings by these painters. The stories range from sweet to weird, from melancholy to funny. This isn’t just a short story collec­tion, and it isn’t a novel, but something else entirely. The plates each stand alone, offering startling visions and situations. Yet at the same time, Color Plates of­fers the depth of a novel, with recurring characters, themes, and motifs. The mu­seum says: My name is Mary and Mary is my museum. Paintings are brushstroke upon brushstroke. With a pencil I lift each brush­stroke and make lines.
Line upon line, story upon story, the small fictions in Color Plates will engage you, delight you, and challenge you to consider the intersections between art and time.

Visit the Color Plates page on our website.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Printing the Covers for The Imagination of Lewis Carroll

In late June we made our annual trip to The Museum of Printing in North Andover, Mass. to letterpress the covers of this year's winning chapbook, William Todd Seabrook's The Imagination of Lewis Carroll. For two glorious New England summer days, we donned printing aprons and cranked out 400 2-color covers on the Vandercook press under the fluorescent lights of the Museum. Our letterpress printing days are two of our favorite days of the year, and this year was no exception.

Highlights this year included experimenting with printing on dark royal blue felt paper and using gold metallic ink for the first time. Chess and the red king feature prominently in Seabrook's book, a fictionalized and fabulist biography of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll. So we wanted to highlight the king by making it the only red one among the chess pieces. This led to some tricky measuring when we printed with the gold ink on Day 2, but the end result was definitely worth it! The covers came out beautifully and the finished books look amazing, complete with Stardream gold endpapers. The book launches August 7, and preordering is available now.

Here are some photos and a video of this year's printing process:

Day 1: Inking the press with hand-mixed red ink

Day 1: With the first color printed, the covers are laid out to dry by the hundreds

Day 2: The gold metallic ink!
Day 2: The gold ink on press

RMP intern Maria DiPasquale helms the Vandercook, with designer Rebecca Saraceno
Day 2 printing crew with finished covers: Heather Butterfield, Katey Corrigan, Abby Beckel, Rebecca Saraceno, Maria DiPasquale, and newest printer-in-training Emilia!

Day 2: Finished covers drying everywhere
The finished cover!

Special thanks to Katey Corrigan and Frank Romano of the Museum of Printing for their help and support, and as always, to the Museum for the use of it amazing presses!

Order your copy of the printed and bound version of The Imagination of Lewis Carroll here!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Foreword Reviews Has Announces Winners of the 2013 IndieFab Book of the Year Awards...

...and Liliane's Balcony: A Novella of Fallingwater by Kelcey Parker has won the Silver Award in the Adult Literary Fiction Category.

Huge congratulations to Kelcey, and to the winner of the Gold Award, Christopher Fisher for his novel A History of Stone and Steel, and to the winner of the Bronze Award, Kenneth Womack, for his novel Playing the Angel.

You can read more about the awards, categories, and all the finalists here.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Trailer for Contest Winner The Imagination of Lewis Carroll

We are thrilled to release the book trailer for this year's contest-winning chapbook: William Todd Seabrook's The Imagination of Lewis Carroll. The chapbook will launch in early August.

Special thanks to Nikki Lee and Todd Seabrook for creating the trailer!

About The Imagination of Lewis Carroll, winner of the RMP 8th Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest, chosen by judge Michael Martone :

Written in a series of quick, curious moments, The Imagination of Lewis Carroll is a fabulist biography that eschews sense for nonsense and accuracy for truth. A logic instructor at Christ College, Lewis Carroll was a man who tied knots in words and stared at chessboards, a man who stammered before adults and soared in front of children, a man who lived in a world that was not our own. But Carroll didn't live in Wonderland or the Looking Glass—he lived in a world far more bizarre and far more lonely. This novella-in-flash straddles Carroll's double life, where he teetered precariously between fantasy and reality. William Todd Seabrook's spare but vivid stories invite readers to experience the world as Carroll did—down the rabbit hole of imagination.

Preordering will begin in late June at

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